Corey Haim not in Lost Boys 2


Word from MTV and Corey Haim's Manager is that he will not be starring in the upcoming Lost Boys 2 film due to "immigration problems". I am assuming that translates into he has some sort of criminal record? What other immigration problems would he have? Warner Brothers is reportedly working to fix the problem but honestly I dont see them working to hard on it since frankly who cares if Haim or Feldman is in the sequel? The first Lost Boys was a classic but after watching these two screw ups on their A&E Reality show The Two Coreys I would rather not see them in the sequel

Angus Sutherland will star as the "big bad vamp" and yes he is related to Keifer Sutherland. Tad Hilgenbrink and Autumn Reeser will play the leads. P.J. Pesce will be directing all the action which is set to begin a week from monday.

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