Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Dead


Bruce Campbell is just full of bad news lately. Hot off the heels of telling the world he is not going to be involved with Bubba Nosferatu he now brings word that their is not going to be a Freddy vs Jason vs Ash which frankly doesnt surprise me. We have been talking about the film for awhile and I have always asked, how can Ash kill Freddy or Jason? He told Fangoria Radio:

The major mashup never happened, Campbell said, because “it blows! You really think Ash would be allowed to kill Freddy and Jason off? We [including EVIL DEAD creator Sam Raimi] didn’t have any control on the project, New Line did, so there was no reason to do it.”

Bruce I have noticed over the last few weeks really seems to care alot about having control over the projects he works on and some might see that as bad but I see that as a good thing. The more control and interest Bruce Campbell has in the role the better the film is. So good riddance to this film and bring on 'My Name is Bruce'

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