Worst Case Scenario Almost There


I have been reporting on this movie for what seems like ages and as a matter of fact some of you probably have no idea what film I am refering to. Worst Case Scenario has been a film with plenty of financial troubles. Basically its just a kick ass zombie film with German zombies.

Now that Gorehound Inc. finally own all the rights and title once again after buying them back from a studio that left the film dead in the water, they are once again on the move. They now have lowered the budget and are getting funding from Richard Claus.

Now they only need one more thing. Your help! They still need a little bit of money to get this puppy in the can. They are taking every little donation they can get and are even promising that some may be able to make a nice little profit on the side. Below is the trailer they have been using to sell the film. So if your interested check out their website here and hit news.

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