See Spider Baby with Jack Hill and Sid Haig!


On Friday, September 21st the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater will be screening Jack Hill's classic Spider Baby in anticipation of its DVD release on September 25th. Not only will Jack Hill be on hand to answer questions but so will Side Haig, Beverly Washburn, Quinn Redeker, Karl Schanzer and cinematographer Al Taylor. Right after they screen Spider Baby they will do a Q&A and then they will show another Jack Hill classic Pit Stop.

But thats just the tip of the ice berg folks! You will also be able to win copies of the new Spider Baby DVD before it is even released to the masses. Also the next day on September 22nd they will be showing Switchblade Sisters and one of my all time favorite blaxploitation films also directed by Hill Coffy.

So if you are in the LA area this is screening you really don't want to miss. But if you can't make it you can always pick up the DVD on September 25th and have your own double feature. Thats what I plan on doing! For more information on the screening you can check out the official website right here.

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