Toronto After Dark 2007 Horror LineUp


Toronto After Dark Film Festival is delighted to announce half its lineup of electrifying new horror and fantasy feature films which premiere this October 19-25 at the Bloor Cinema, in Toronto, Canada. The first 7 of 14 features were unveiled and the horror films that will be playing so far are as follows,

Automaton Transfusion: In a welcome departure from the recent deluge of zombie comedies, first-time feature director Stephen C. Miller delivers a full-on assault to the senses with a dead serious, and utterly terrifying zombie outbreak film with echoes of 28 DAYS LATER. ( Watch the Trailer )

PoultryGeist: Customers at a fast food chicken restaurant built on native burial grounds, get more than they ordered, when their food starts turning them into flesh-eating zombie chickens!  Legendary indie horror auteur, Lloyd Kaufman (TOXIC AVENGER, TERROR FIRMER) wraps up his illustrious directing career with a crowd-pleasing gross-out zombie musical that will delight both his old fans (yes plenty of blood, guts and nudity) and bring him new ones. 

MulBerry Street: A rat infestation in a multi-ethnic apartment building in Manhattan turns to sheer terror for tenants when those that get bitten transform into rabid flesh-eating creatures. Numerous references to post 9/11 America and the current war in Iraq, make this horror film a refreshingly original and timely piece of terror, very much in the spirit of legendary master of horror GEORGE ROMERO (Dawn of the Dead).

The Tripper: David Arquette’s (SCREAM) twisted writing-directing debut is a hilarious, blood-soaked horror film about a Ronald Reagan mask-wearing psycho-killer terrorizing a drug-fused music concert in the American woods.  The outstanding ensemble cast includes Jaime King (SIN CITY), Jason Mewes (CLERKS), Lukas Haas (BRICK), Thomas Jane (BOOGIE NIGHTS) and a scene-stealing Paul Reubens (PEE-WEE HERMAN).  Watch out for some deliriously trippy humour and outstanding kills! ( Watch the Trailer )

For more information on Toronto After Dark go visit the official website and tell em sent you so that they fix the quotes on their site. I dont see a single quote from this fine horror site. NOW That is just wrong kids!

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