Look Out! Here Come the Indies!


I have been writing for this site for just about three years now and I have come to notice something. WAY too many independent films get screwed over and are either sent direct to DVD or are just simply stuck in film purgatory for ages and ages with no place to go. This trend has become increasingly apparent in the past few months with some great films that I have been given the opportunity to view. Most of these films do not get to be seen by the average horror fan for way to long or possibly ever.

Horror fans should be given the same opportunity to check these films out as they do with all the shitty stuff that the studios are pushing. Honestly the best films I have seen recently have all been independent films. A film roll call I believe is in order. Some indie films that I have seen recently that will blow anyone's socks off include The Rage, The Redsin Tower, Hatchet, Gimme Skelter, Babysitter Wanted, Small Town Folk, The Zombie Diaries, Nympha, Forever, Bryan Loves You, Eat Your Heart Out, Awaken the Dead, Satans Whip and Survival. Some of these films have gotten deals but are yet to be released.

Coming up in the indie genre that I can't wait to see are Mel House's Closet Space, 100 Tears, Darkness Surrounds Roberta, Jessicka Rabid, James Zahn's Death Walks the Streets, Black Devil Doll, Fearmakers, Grinder, Trapped, Pajama Party Massacre, Brain Dead and many more will continue to come pouring in that I am dying to see. So what do the big studios have in store for us? I'm sure everyone is just chomping at the bit for another shitty installment of Saw. What the hell? How many times can they beat that horse? Or how about a PG-13 remake of Prom Night! Doesn't that sound like good fun?

Hell no it doesn't! The studios need to realize that indie filmmakers are the future of horror and need to treat them accordingly. Directors like Seth Landau, Fred Vogel, Scott Phillips, Gary Ugarek, James Zahn, Mel House, Timo Rose and many many more. Its disgusting to see these guys have to go out and make films on a shoe string budget while the big suits are giving away $250 million to make movies about pirates! What!? The whole concept has me stumped. Indie Filmmakers could make 250 million movies with that much money, probably even more! Great example is close friend to the site Gary Ugarek made Deadlands: The Rising for only $15,000. His film went on to become the top selling product that Tempe Releasing has in their catalouge.

This is where I take my stand. I have made it my own personal mission to be sure to cover as many indie films as I can. Not only that but I will try and do whatever it takes to get these films to the fans. Its a shame that unless you visit a ton of film festivals or are as lucky as I am to see these movies that you might not see them for a couple years! Its just outrageous in my opinion. We need Hollywood to wake up and look beyond the sequels and remakes and notice all the budding talent that these guys have down in the trenches.

The problem lies with most websites often ignoring indie cinema altogether. I won't name any names but this really has to stop. Especially when the quality of independent cinema is at an all time high. All you have to do is pick up a copy of Behind the Mask to see what I am refering to. Everyday brilliant cinema is being made and trust me folks none of it is being done by the suits in Hollywood. Nope its being done by the great indie filmmakers of this generation. So hunt these filmmakers down that I have mentioned and look into their films. But don't stop there I haven't even exposed the tip of the iceberg. Look deeper and find films on your own. Help the filmmakers promote there films. E-mail webmasters and other people within the horror community and let them now about the next big thing in indie horror.

Hopefully this article will light some fires under some people and we will begin to see more coverage on other sites for independent film. Also if you are an independent filmmaker looking to get your film heard don't be afraid to contact us. We will without a doubt cover your film eventually. Lastly to all the indie directors out there, keep doing your thing and keep making great films for all of us to enjoy! 

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