Vampire Flick Insatiable on DVD Sept 18th


We just got word from ThinkFilm about their new vampire flick Insatiable which actually has a pretty good cast will hit DVD Sept 18th.

Harry Balbo (Patrick Flanery), a shy salesman, witnesses a violent killing by a sultry female vampire (Charlotte Ayanna) who rips the head off her victim.  When no one will believe his story, Harry decides to track her down before she strikes again.  

Upon finding her, he is seduced by her beauty and cannot kill her.  Instead, he captures and imprisons her in a cage in his cellar.  Now, she must convince Harry to feed her before she slowly wastes away.  Not wanting to kill her, and not able to release her, Harry is faced with a complicated decision; does he follow his heart or protect mankind from a bloodthirsty vampire.

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