FearMakers Grinder Blog: Clip Premiere

Richard Clark, Jr.

I’ve been known to rant before, so I figured there was no better stage than this to vent. I don’t understand haters. You can dislike something without hating on it. Let’s look at Hostel 2. In my opinion, it completely sucked. However, I will not hate on Mr. Roth. This guy is making movies his way and there are people giving him millions of dollars to do it. That’s great for him. Best of luck and keep doing your thing. So, that brings me back to my original point. Why hate? Why not wish others well who are just trying to do great thing. Is it because you are too scared to strive for great things? Whatever the answer is….Quit doing it! It’s very useless and unproductive. Ok… I’m done.

This weekend went GREAT! On Saturday we auditioned about 110 people and it was all filmed by MTV. I was caught saying some stupid things on camera, but all in all it was good. We saw some great talent that I am truly looking forward to working with on this film. If you have seen the show Made you know how it works. The girl from the show auditioned and I have to tell you that she was…oh yeah…I can’t say anything until the show premiers.

MTV did confirm that they would be showing our promotional short film on the show. The tentative date we have been given is October 30 2007. We will keep you posted.

Below are some pics from the trailer shoot and a RAW and UNFINSHED sneak peak of the short film that we prepared just for you. Enjoy!

Get More Grinder Trailers at TerrorFeed.com

Here’s some info that you gore hounds will love to hear. Jason Collins (The Alphabet Killer, The Faculty, Mulholland Dr.) and Elvis Jones (Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2, Dogma) will be taking care of our special effects. They have their hands full because Grinder WILL HAVE NO and I mean ZERO CGI!

The official first day of pre-production begins on Monday so things will be HECTIC, which means I will have A LOT to blog about! I will talk to you all soon and again thanks for taking the time to read about Grinder!


Richard Clark, Jr.

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