Dwight Little is done with the Halloween Series

Dwight Little spoke to moviehole abuot his recent projects and what he might do in the future. In the process he told them that the studios are keen on doing another Halloween movie. This is what he had to say about coming back and directing the film.

He's asked back each and every year, says Little, to helm a new chapter in the series - but he's just not interested. Little directed "Halloween 4". "Halloween 3 Season of the Witch had gone off on a really different direction, kinda putting an end to the franchise, and then about ten years later we were asked to come in and try and come up with a way to bring Michael Myers back. And then once we kicked it off with four, then it's never stopped. Every year they come and ask me to do it. Every year I say 'Look Halloween 4, I honestly believe I did as best as I could do'. I felt so complete about it, I just wanted to leave it alone -but they've gone and done another five or something anyway. They want to bring Jamie (the character in "Halloween 4") back..

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