Wolfman's Maker

More news from the upcoming remake of the classic The Wolf Man, starring Benicio Del Toro in place of Lon Chaney Jr. and directed by Mark Romanek (who also directed One Hour Photo and the video for Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt).

In recent years, werewolf flicks haven't done so well spare for the Underworld films and hopefully despite this being a remake, it will inject some fresh blood into the sub-genre. Though they have been few, they have at least had cool looking werewolves...spare for Blood & Chocolate.

Shocktillyoudrop has gotten word right from Universal Studios itself on who is gonna be making the Wolf Man howl. Brace yourself fans, the man behind it is:


Yes folks, the man behind the jaw-dropping FX from John Landis' An American Werewolf In London is howling at the moon again and will do the werewolf FX for the remake. With Baker on board, I cannot think of nothing short of a fabulous looking creature that should be mostly a practical beast.

Rejoice everyone!

The Wolf Man remake is slated for a November 14, 2008 release.
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