Skinwalkers on DVD Nov 27th

More werewolf news for those of us who love the gigantic monsters of death and destruction.  Fangoria got word from Lionsgate that James Isaac's werewolf romp Skinwalkers hitting DVD on November 27.

There is at the moment no word of any extras are on the disc or if it is an unrated cut as some have claimed that the film was cut down by After Dark Films to PG13 for a wider release.  Course that really didn't seem to help as it barely got 800 screens and lasted about a week or two in the the theaters.  The film also made only about $1.7 million dollars, making it of course a complete and utter bust like After Dark's previous release Captivity, which made only about $2 million at the domestic box office and had just over 1,000 screens. 

With this kinda of a start for theater releases, the future doesn't look good for After Dark Films.  One thing is of course that they apparently can't make much more than 1,000 screen release while most movies have more than twice that and as a fun tidbit, both Skinwalkers and Captivity's combined grosses equal what Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne made during its theatrical run. 

So, if you were interested in seeing Skinwalkers mark November 27 on your calender and look here for news if any special features of an unrated cut is announced.
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