Vancouver has its hands full with X Men 3, Hollow Man 2 and many more

Vancouver now has a ton of movies that are going to be shot on its soil. Here is a run down of just some of the films slated to film in Vancouver.

Joss Whedon is set to Write and Direct X Men 3 with the start date now pushed back to the Summer of 2005.

There is a very good chance Critters 5 & 6 will shoot back to back in Vancouver later this year.

We’ve been hearing from numerous sources that Underworld 2 will be filming in Vancouver this Fall with Mammoth Film Studios being tipped by one source as the studio they will use.

Dog Soldiers 2 is looking like a February Start 2005 in Vancouver.

Also Hollow Man 2 is going to begin filming there October 18th thru December 3rd 2004 at Vancouver Film Studios. Claudio Faeh is set to direct this sequel and David Lancaster (Riding the Bullet, Second Skin) and Greg Malcolm (Riding the Bullet) will be producing. Kevin Bacon will not be back to play his role and they will re cast his character. Right now it will be a straight to DVD release.

Source: HNR

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