Poltergeist On The Big Screen!

This discovery is by pure fluke ladies and gents. I was at Fandango checking out the next showtime for Shoot 'Em Up (odd for working in a theater, but we rent out a few theaters to a church, which sometimes affects the early shows) and I scrolled down to see that one could buy tickets for Good Luck Chuck and Resident Evil: Extinction...and by my surprise, Tobe Hooper's Poltergeist. Check it.

I ain't joking Ladies and Gents, with the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD coming on October 9, check out the rather bad DVD here, time for a complete 25th Anniversary experiance. Already Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street were put into theaters, we just need Hellraiser, Dawn of the Dead, Phantasm and a couple of others to bring the good classics to light. I went to see Halloween and the theater was packed with fans.

So, mark you calenders boys and girls for October 4 when Poltergeist comes back into the theaters for one night only. There will also be a 15minute thing about real poltergeist included with the film.

One last time, Poltergeist in select theaters on October 4th.
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