Undead or Alive Gets Distro


Today it was announced that Image Entertainment have acquited the rights to Gladgow Phillips' Undead or Alive. According to Variety Image is also now getting into distibuting films in theaters. Which to me is not a smart move at this point. There are way to many companies trying to do it now as it is. I think they have completely missed the boat.

But unfortunately they will bypass the big screen for Undead or Alive and send it straight to DVD sometime in December. No real surprise there. Zombie comedies, especially with stars like Chris Kattan, James Denton and Navi Rawat, are a hard sell theatrically.

In the film, Army deserter Elmer Winslow gets himself and local Cowboy Luke Budd out of a tight spot in jail, but after robbing the evil Sheriff Claypool and fleeing the town, they find themselves with an angry posse on their tail. Joining Elmer and Luke is Apache warrior Sue (Rawat), who's out to wreak vengeance on behalf of her decimated people; her plan is to attack the U.S. Army wherever she can find it, and she takes Elmer up pon his offer to go with her to the nearest Army outpost he knows. Their plans are complicated when they discover that, as a result of the great Apache Geronimo's curse on the white man, all the people of the surrounding areas have turned into zombies-- and pretty soon they're all after Elmer, Luke and Sue.

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