Win Death Proof UNRATED on DVD Contest!


Guess what my horror loving pals?! We have three copies of Death Proof Unrated & Extended on DVD up for grabs and 3 kick ass Death Proof Seat Belts! Three lucky readers are going to get a DVD and Seat Belt!. This is what our 4th or 5th contest this week? Its our way of saying you readers kick ass! Keep reading, we will keep doing our thing!

The long awaited 2 disc Unrated & Extended version will finally be available on September 18th. Dressed in the excessive and sensationalistic style of the cult exploitation genre, Kurt Russell (Poseidon, Escape From New York) stars as a deranged stuntman turned psycho serial killer who stalks his victims from behind the wheel of a roving, revving, racing death machine, but when he picks on the wrong group of badass babes, all bets are off in an adrenaline-pumping, high speed vehicular duel of epic proportions.  Nearly 30 minutes longer than the original theatrical version, the Unrated Extended cut includes footage never-before-seen domestically, including the conspicuous ‘missing reel’ of Ferlito’s lap dance, and a black-and-white segment in the second ‘act,’ offering a prelude to Russell’s Stuntman Mike character.

Entering this contest is simple. Email us your name / age / address ( we never share it accept for to ship your prize to you ) and most importantly your USERNAME on the forums. A note, new members are welcome to enter you just need to have at least a couple posts to your name. And yes we will check! Be sure to also checkout our Exclusive Death Proof Clip!

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