Rue Morgue Fear Festival - Behind the Scenes, Movie Showings & Tom Savini

Well it has been a good day thus far and it has only just begun. We are getting ready to do a bunch of interviews and just generally taking a pile of pictures and getting all the latest scoops from THE Canadian Horror & Anime convention. Lots of good stuff coming.

Tonight we will be watching a few movies, namely Bad Seed, Dead & Breakfest, Ginger Snaps: Beginnings, and a pile of other great flicks which at the moment just dont want to come to my mind. Myself and our camera man Jon are having a good time taking pics of the various goings on and sneaking around with our press passes taking behind the scenes shots. Later tonight we will be taking some celebrity shots and doing a bunch of interviews, so watch for it here soon. Once again here are a few cool pics that Jon and myself took while we were wandering around.

Jon our camera man got a request from Lorkanox for a picture of Savini and so Jon being a good lap dog went down introduced himself and got a picture. He talked to Savini for a few minutes, and says he is a great guy. Tom was commenting on the fact he had to setup his own booth. So we are gonna send Blur down to be his slave for the evening, why? Cause Savini is the MAN.

Elaborate Costumes galore at the show, we took piles of pics of people dressed up. Look for more later tonight.

A little behind the scenes Resident Evil Apocalypse action.. This was taken in a lounge area where it looks like we will see some of this great sequel to Resident Evil.

A picture of the Rue Morgue booth. These are the fine folks who hooked us up with press passes and gave us the ability to show you the entire show. Be sure to keep an eye out for an interview with Rod Gudino the chief of the event and editor of the Rue Morgue Magazine.

The blade mobile. Need I say more? This was a vehicle we stumbled on while wandering around behind the scenes. Cool little fan promoting a film I for one can not wait to see.

Thats it for now, stay tuned another update with some real MEATY news coming later on tonight. We will also have some video coming soon if all goes well. If you have anything you want us to do, say or people you want us to interview, just holler. Send us an email at We are checking email every hour!

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