The Tailsman Dead Once Again


The Tailsman is a project that has been rumored to be in one stage or another for the past couple of years. But everytime there seems to be a major break through the film is immediately thrown into turnaround. But recently TNT showed some interest and they had Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy producing a new 6 hour adaptation of the novel.

Today however it has been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that unfortunately the project has once again died. After the script was commisioned they realized that the budget would be more then they had allocated for the show. 

Now for those of you who have never heard of this project, let me give you a heads up. The movie is actually based off of a novel by Stephen King in which a young Jack Sawyer enters a parallel world known as the Territories in search of a powerful tailsman in order to save his mother from certain death. Hopefully someday we will get to see this story told on one screen or another.

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