Pulse Sequels Get Lead


Today is a VERY slow news day so I decided to go ahead and tell you guys about the films I know you are all eagerly awaiting.. Note the sarcasm. It appears that Jamie Bamber will be starring in both Pulse: Afterlife and Pulse: Invasion. Bamber as some of you may know is one of the leads in the television series Battlestar Gallactica.

According to Moviehole, Joel Soisson will direct the films in which Bamber plays Stephen, a recently divorced account exec for a large sales firm. He busted up his own marriage because he slept with someone else. He is the man that "let it all get away." In the post phantom world, he hides out up in his mountain lodge, behind an armored wall of sentries. He finds his child, thankfully still alive, and must protect her from the phantom of ex-wife Michelle (as well as from the jealous and possessive fling subject, Marta).

It was also clearly noted that the films will not go theatrical and will remain straight to DVD. Which is probably a smart move since I don't think many people would get excited over seeing Pulse 2 and 3 in theaters. At least enough to plop down $10+ to see it.

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