Mulberry St. In Horrorfest 2


About a month ago we introduced you to a little film Mulberry St. Everything about the movie sounded really kick ass. I mean how can you go wrong with a freakin Wererat in your movie? Well I guess it doesn't hurt to have a flippin sweet trailer to go with it.

The story focuses on six evicted New Yorkers who must fight to survive the night. But this is much worse than the average night in New York. Now they have to contend with some blood thirsty were-rats. Yea and you thought the streets of New York couldn't get any worse.

Well hold on to your britches kids because Fangoria has just announced that the film will be the third announced for this years After Dark Horrorfest 2. It will be joining The Deaths of Ian and Nightmare Man. For more information on the film you can visit the Mulberry St. Official website.

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