Jessicka Rabid Switcheroo


Sadly today it was announced that Joe Knetter will no longer be taking part in the Jessicka Rabid film. But don't worry he will be in fact writing a novelization of the film. But no worry about the film because now Trent Haaga will be stepping up to replace Knetter. Haaga's old role will now be replaced with a local actor.

Jessicka Rabid will revolve around the tragic hero of Jessicka who has been systematically abused by her family for her entire life, little did they know they were creating a monster. Reel describes the film as "something between Cinderella and Sleepaway Camp.”

The film will be the project to come out of Elske's production company Dahlia Jade Productions. This has also allowed Elske to easily make the kind of film she would like with the people that she likes. As a matter of fact this will be the third collaboration between her and director Matthew Reel who had previously worked together on The Goat Sucker and All The French Are Whores. Now those sound like some quality flicks to check out!

We will be following this movie closely so be sure to keep it here for more information on the film as hear it. Until then you can also check out the films Official Myspace page.

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