Godzilla: Final Wars

The Godzilla film is about finished and it is going to be slammed packed with grown men in monster suits. So far Godzilla is slated to fight Rodan, Gigan Ebirah, Kumonga, Hedorah, Mothra, King Seesar, Angilas, Kamikiras, Minya, Manda and Monster X (which becomes Kaiser Ghidorah later in the film). At least if the movie doesn't turn out good we can always laugh at Rodan. Hopefully he will still fly threw the air with the help of some string.   On a more serious note the SPFX director Asada commented on how the final line up of monsters was chosen, "In the planning stages, we wanted to use the "best of the best" kaiju. Upon request from director Kitamura however, some monsters were replaced with others, and in the end, these 10 were picked. I was asked for advice by Kitamura, but deciding which monsters to use was difficult. I told him that if we use more than 10 monsters, it would be nearly impossible, so let's keep it at this amount.

"I feel really familiar with Gigan and Angilas because they've been in the Godzilla series since I started working for Godzilla movies as an assistant director. There were other kaiju too that I really wanted to appear in the movie, but if we used more than our current number, we would be releasing the movie next summer!"

Another neat tidbit is that in this film they will pit Godzilla vs Zilla.. Who is Zilla? He is the U.S. version of Godzilla which will be done in CGI while the Japanese Godzilla will be the classic guy in a suit. Yes, very confusing. But they are looking to screen the film all over maybe including the U.S.

Right now besides Final Wars they are looking to make an IMAX film as well. Now I went to go see Spiderman 2 in the IMAX theatre and I must say Godzilla would look awesome on those screens. Also to help promote the film they are releasing a couple of video games as well.

Props to "MacReady" for the heads up

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