UFC Champ Cast in Mummy 3


I love the UFC. As goon knows I am hooked on it like crack. I have studied MMA my entire life and used to make my employment in that game. So when Randy Couture came out of retirement at 40 to destroy the undefeated champ of the UFC it was a great moment. Word from my friend John at TheMovieBlog is that Randy Couture has been cast in a major role in Mummy 3. Frankly.. LAME! Why do film makers feel the need to cast athletes or rappers? I am a huge fan of Randy Couture but come on! Seriously!

The script for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar which will be directed by Rob Cohen. Currently they are remaining very tight lipped about what the film will be about. It is known that the action is set in China, with Li's story beginning in ancient times before moving to a post-World War II setting. It is also known that one sequence involves the famous terra-cotta warriors, the collection of 6,000 men and their horses that were originally constructed to protect the tomb of an emperor.

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