EXCLUSIVE: George Romero Video Interview Download

I have no idea how the server is going to hold up, and please realize that the video for Romero is a bit shaky since we ended up doing this SPUR of the moment, but you do get to hear the man, and see him talk about some cool stuff.  As promised, we have some video of Romero coming. some of the topics he discusses include 

  • His new book hes writing Aligator Point
  • Day of the Dead Contagium
  • Land of the Dead
  • Diamond Dead, its status, what its really all about he goes into alot of detail.
  • Marilyn Manson
  • a Creepshow remake he wants to do with an interesting twist  when he discovers its being made by somebody already
  • Dennis Hopper & Tom Savinis roles
  • and more

You are welcome to share the video around but give credit where credit is do and link to www.moviesonline.ca Do not edit this video in any form or fashion. And please throw a link back to the site. By downloading this you accept these simple terms.

Also if you would like a REALLY nice 90meg very high res copy that you can play on your tv drop me a line and we will see how we can get it to you. Most Importantly please support George Romero by buying his dvds, and watching his movies. To save the video to your computer right click and hit SAVE to disk. The video is 23minutes.

High Res (fast connections recommended)
George Romero Interview

Source: Movies Online

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