Fear Itself Replaces MOH?


Today it was announced that Lionsgate and Industry Entertainment will now air Fear Itself on NBC. They have already ordered up 13 episodes that will air next summer. Each episode will be by "big-name horror directors and writers" with each episode running 60 minutes long. Does that sound at all familiar?

With Showtime apparently dropping Masters of Horror and then Lionsgate picking up the ball for a third season could this be Masters of Horror Season 3? Because the show will air on network television it will be severly neuteured. I guess this may be a good thing because recently I think the directors have gotten lazy and only rely on cheap effects.

However I have a bad feeling that this will be like when Tales From the Crypt went from HBO to Fox and just lost all steam. The article however also brought up that Lionsgate will use directors that are already on their "deep bench of horror filmmaker talent". The only name that really stands out is Eli Roth and maybe Neil Marshall. Rob Zombie has already jumped ship to join the Weinsteins Co. so I think he is out of it. But that doesn't mean he won't do an episode just that he is not a part of the Lionsgate crew anymore.

Who knows what will happen but I would hate it if the fate of Masters of Horror really is on network television. We'll be sure to follow this one closely and see what develops?

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