CrawlSpace on DVD Oct 15th


The original CrawlSpace is coming to DVD Oct 15th! You will recall Evolution Entertainment has announced a remake of Crawlspace from Paramount Pictures, from the writer of the Grudge and the producer of  the Saw trilogy and the Scanners remake.

This ultra-rare and creepy 1972 made-for-TV tale is a real terror  treat. Predating the now classic Bad Ronald (1974) by two years,  Crawlspace features a middle-aged couple accidentally discovering a  young homeless man living in their basement. Their initial fear turns  to joy when he proves to be helpful around the house and like the son  they never had. But this newfound happiness soon turns to sheer  horror when the young man’s violent past and appetite to kill come  out. What happens after unravels any good he’s done, and sends the  local townsfolk on a rampage of revenge to find him where he hides!

Director John Newland was a TV veteran, directing episodes of the  original Star Trek, Route 66, One Step Beyond and Thriller. he scared  audiences with the classic 1973 chiller Don't Be Afraid of the Dark a  year after helming Crawlspace. He also directed episodes of Wonder  Woman, Fantasy Island and Police Woman. Newland also went on to  direct the cult feature Legend of Hillbilly John, based on the  writings of Appalachian horror author Many Wade Wellman.

Author Herbert Lieberman also penned the novels City of the Dead and  Sandman, Sleep. Star Arthur Kennedy, veteran of many Hollywood westerns, had his  breakout role in Lawrence of Arabia (1962), and is noticeable to genre fans from his famous cranky role as the police inspector in Breakfast  at the Manchester Morgue (1974). He also appeared in genre classics  The Sentinel (1977) and The Tempter (1974).

Tom Happer portrayed Jeremy Grimes in the much-beloved series Dark  Shadows (1970-1971). Eugene Roche is one of the most recognizable character actors in  Hollywood, appearing in over 150 films and TV shows.

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