Win 1408 SIGNED Poster Contest!


What time is it Mr Wolf? Its time for more ass kicking freebie action.. with GI Joe Grip. Ok so no this contest doesnt have GI Joe Grip but I had a bit to much pepsi today so sue me! This go around we have a signed 1408 Poster up for grabs. The poster is a pirty collectors item signed by none other then John Cusack. Hows that for cool?

To enter this contest is easy. Send an email to with the subject 1408 Poster and include your name / age / address and your USERNAME on the boards. New members are always welcome to enter our contests but remember we will be checking to see if you are a member and have at least made a couple posts.

Also dont miss out on entering to win a free copy of 1408 the DVD! We are not a one trick pony we run a ton of contests! Be sure to check them all out.

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