Boll Working On Zombie Massacre


Somehow Uwe Boll just keeps getting work. Yes, word is traveling fast that his new feature Postal is a hoot but how do you ignore such films as bad as House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark? Well all that aside somehow 1988 Games thought it would be a good idea to actually call Uwe Boll to make their movie. Amazing.. I know.

The company is making Zombie Massacre a new shoot'em up for Wii. Without knowing much other than Uwe Boll has made video game movies they called him up to make the game into a film. With a deal in place Boll told GameDaily that the film will likely have a budget of $6 million and shoot in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2009.

"I want to make this movie more creepy than House of the Dead, which was intended to be funny and campy," said Boll. "I'd like Zombie Massacre to be a harsh zombie movie like 28 Days Later."

Later on in the interview he said that it is very likely that he will be making a Bloodrayne 3 film soon as well. Will this man ever stop? Will he ever make a good film? Only time will tell.

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