Nosferatu 2Disc DVD

For all vampire fans and horror fans, F.W Murnau's 1922 classic Nosferatu is must see and must own as it is truly one of the first horror films and one of the most groundbreaking films period. At the very least one should have seen the 1979 remake by Werner Herzog Nosferatu: The Vampyre or the 2000 "true story" of its production, Shadow of the Vampire.

But basically, the story is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, or rip-off one might say as Murnau could not obtain the rights to the book so he went right ahead with his own movie and just some details. Murnau was of course sued by the Stoker estate (Bram Stoker had died some years before) where the Stoker's won and all known prints were destroyed, but thankfully someone managed to hide a print from them. Though they had to wait for Stoker's widow to pass away and the copyright to expire before it could be re-released and restorations to begin.

So yes, Dracula is public domain.

I remember watching the film for the first time on Beta back in the '90s as a little kid and found it creepy as all get out. Hell, after a quick look at IMDB, the film was banned in Sweden till 1972!

Right, now to the juicy part. Joblo has gotten their hands on the specs for the 2 Disc Ultimate DVD of Murnau's film courtesy of Kino Video, the same folks who brought Metropolis and the soon to be released Battleship Potemkin back in shining form.

Check out the Specs:

  • 2007 restoration of Nosferatu with the original score
  • Audio Commentary by Brad Stevens and R. Dixon Smith
  • 53 Minute German documentary about F.W Murnau and Nosferatu
  • Restoration Demonstration
  • More To Come...

There is also a 96 page book that comes with it containing articles by:

  • David Skal (author of American Gothic: The Tangled Web Of Dracula From Novel, Stage To Screen)
  • Thomas Elsaesser (author of Weimar Cinema and After: Germany's Historical Imaginary)
  • Gilberto Perez (author of The Material Ghost: Films and Their Medium)
  • Enno Patalas (former director of the M√ľnchner Stadtmuseum/Filmmuseum, who headed up restorations of multiple German classics, to include Nosferatu)
  • A translation of Albin Grau's archival piece on vampires. Grau was one of the film's producers
  • Notes on Restoration of the Film
  • Image Gallery

So, it looks like Kino is going all out with this disc making it the end all DVDs for Nosferatu.

F.W Murnau's Nosferatu hits on November 20th and will go for $29.95.
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