Halloween 4 & 5 in Theaters

Here I am, cleaning a bit of popcorn from the front of our concession stand at my theater when I hear John Carpenter's Halloween theme.  My hand goes to my cell phone, but I find no buzzing.  Looking up, I stare like a deer in the headlights (as a manager put it) as I watched an ad for a one night double feature event.

In celebration of Halloween, Fathom Events is hosting a one night event of Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 plus a documentary Halloween: Faces of Fear, a series of interviews with various participates in the films, conversations with those who have played Michael throughout the series and rare on set footage of Halloween 5.

Though Halloween 5 is probably the on the bottom in terms of quality for the series, 4 is probably the best sequel and a double feature should not be passed up.  Though my honesty shall come into question...shall I skip a class to see a horror double feature?

Anywho...mark your calenders for October 30 7:30pm at select theaters.

This is Fathom's page for the event, so you can see if any theaters near you are playing it.  Check it here.
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