WrestleManiac Heads to Anchor Bay


 Movie DetailsJesse Baget's impressive looking WrestleManiac has finally gotten some distribution in the states and it is by none other than Anchor Bay. This is great news considering Anchor Bays fantastic treatment that they give all of there titles. The film has had distro in the U.K. for some time now through Revolver Entertainment so its about time we get to see it here in the states.

Unfortunately though, according to Fangoria we will not see the film until March, 2008. They want the film to coincide with wrestling's world series Wrestlemania. Now I can see that being a cool little gimmick but I don't think horror fans really care when its released.

The film is about a couple of pornagraphers who just so happen to stop in the wrong small Mexican city awakening the luchador El Mascarado. Starring Rey Mysterio Sr., Irwin Keyes, Adam Huss, Leyla Milani, Margaret Scarborough, Jeremy Radin, Catherine Wreford, and Zack Bennett. Keep it here for more.

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