Payne Talks Reeker 2


Reeker was a fantastic little indie movie that finally came out last week. Not long ago it was also revealed that a sequel is on the way. Today Shock sat down with the director Dave Payne in which he gave us a pretty clear idea of what to expect.

"Both films feature the same world, the same logic and the same killer but it's all new characters and a whole new situation. This one explores the origins of the Reeker. But you can't make a scary movie where the killer starts as a hero, so it starts with where he comes from and how his world operates." This prequel approach is only a fifteen-minute long set up for the thrust of the film which finds, "a couple of cops, a doctor and low-rent thugs who have just robbed a casino. They're all at each others' throats while trying to defend themselves from the Reeker."

This film is going under the title "No Mans Land" right now. Payne plans on showing a preview of the film at the AFM in November. We'll be following this one very closely so keep it here for more.

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