Indie Flick: Backwoods Bloodbath


Today this little indie flick Backwoods Bloodbath just fell into my lap and it looks promising. This project is going to be tipping its hat to the times when boobs, gore and slashers were all in style. Directed by Dunn Kennedy and starring a bunch of new faces this one is looking interesting.

A short synopsis for the film was provided on it's official Myspace page: Six friends take a road trip to a back country town, where a local legend has been feeding off the population for decades. They find themselves the newest items on the menu as they are hunted by bogeyman-type creature known as 'The Black Hodag.'

Yea, it may be a bit cliche but damnit how can you pass up a gore packed flick that is just fun? I know I can't so check out the trailer below and if you want some more information on the film check out their Official MySpace page. Also if you plan on hitting up the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival it will be screening there.

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