Death Proof Bombs in the UK


Death Proof has bombed in its opening week at the box office.. that is the buzz right now on the internet. It brought in under $900k its opening weekend coming into sixth place. Now to put this into perspective the #1 film in the box office Simon Pegg's new comedy only brought in 1.2million.

So honestly I am not clear on how it bombed. My thinking is pulling in sixth place isnt to bad at all. Its not #1 but really did we expect it to get #1? Those of us who have seen Death Proof know what about it is good and where it has problems. Quentin Taratino's name is good for $900k the question is what will it be good for next week.

The bigger question that comes to mind is why did they decide to not release Planet Terror theatrically? I have not seen Planet Terror but everyone tells me that its the better of the two. Leading me to think it would have had better returns at the UK Box office. What do you think?

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