MoH: Dream Cruise DVD Specs


Today Anchor Bay gave us the specs for Norio Tsuruta's Dream Cruise. The DVD is scheduled to hit shelves for an suggested retail price of $14.98 on November 13th. The episode will be presented in anamorphic widescreen transfer. 

Adapted from a short story by the legendary Japanese horror novelist Koji Suzuki, “Dream Cruise” stars Daniel Gillies (Spider-Man 2) as an American attorney working in Japan. He also harbors a crippling fear of the ocean, due to a childhood trauma. Even more threatening waters lie ahead when he begins a dangerous affair with the wife (Yoshino Kimura) of a wealthy client (Ryo Ishibashi, Audition, The Grudge). When the trio embark on a sunset boat trip, the stage is set for a tragic showdown between those who love and those who will kill to keep what is theirs.

Special features include:

  • Audio Commentary with Actor Daniel Gillies, Producer Mick Garris and Moderator Perry Martin
  • The Making of Dream Cruise
  • Photo Gallery
  • Script (DVD-ROM)

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