The Echo Poster and Full Synopsis


We have been following Yam Laranas' remake of his own film The Echo very closely. Today Upcoming Horror Movies discovered that the production company RightOff Entertainment has the early poster artwork for the film. Taking it a step further I discovered that the same site also had the official synopsis. You can see both below.

Recently paroled Bobby Reynolds attempts to make a new life for himself by getting a job, reconnecting with a former girlfriend and moving into his mother's apartment, vacant since her untimely death. Upon arrival, he is soon plagued by strange occurences in the apartment and bizarre encounters with his neighbors. When he begins to investigate, Bobby discovers that his mother died under unusual circumstances and he comes to the realization that her death is somehow linked to the tenants of the building, who he believes are now coming after him. As he struggles to uncover the truth, terrifying secrets are revealed and Bobby must find a way to fight the echoes of the past before they kill him and those he loves.

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