Underworld vs Rush Hour = NYC?!

I know the boards are alive with the hate of remakes, even more hatred is coming from the Escape From New York remake underway at New Line.

I reported a while ago that Underworld & Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman had landed the gig. Now I personally have enjoyed the two Underworld films and Wiseman made a damn good Die Hard 4. I personally feel that he is a decent choice to direct it and might bring something interesting to it. At least Wiseman has time behind the camera making movies than most other remake directors who mostly do music videos.

Though Ain't It Cool News is reporting a rumor that Wiseman is off the project, (though he is also still attached to direct Gears of War). Now, its just a RUMOR so Len Wiseman still has reigns over the project. Now, before those who didn't like Underworld start clapping and think New York is safe. Think again.

AICN says from a source they have New Line has selected BRETT RATNER to helm the film. Need I say more? Rush Hour & 2 were good, but the complete horridness that is X-Men III and the formulaic Rush Hour 3 doesn't have me feeling good. Right now it is a RUMOR New Line hasn't said anything official yet. So right now Len Wiseman is still at the helm.

My opinion is if he is off the project, a possible reason is that New Line wants Gears of War soon and since he got both gigs he was given the choice of one or the other. Either that or the old "creative differences" thing. Stay tuned to see if recent good filmmaker turned hack Brett Ratner is really at the helm of New York
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