More Sexy Horror: The Taunting


Well it appears that a new genre in horror is rising and rising fast. Erotic or Adult horror seems to be getting popular and its about time those guys jumped on the bandwagon. Director and Scream Queen Zenova Braeden is going to bring The Taunting to the Spice Digital Networks SPICE:XCESS channel on October 13th at 11pm, ET.

For an adult horror flick, a lot of thought went into this flick. Maybe we are seeing a new resurgence that only existed during the golden age of the Euro-Trash films. Here is the synopsis for ya:

In this haunting mystery, generations of students have been titillated by alcohol-fueled stories of what roams the darkened labyrinth of halls in the seemingly abandoned monastery outside the college town of Golgotha.  Drawn by the promise of sensual discovery, two students venture into the forbidden realm in hopes of encountering the legendary “succubus spirit.”  Once inside they are overcome by the feral intensity that only centuries of forbidden desire and passion can create.  Reality and fantasy converge as the unholy embodiment of pure Lust itself Taunts the young adventurers with sex, sin and sensual abandon not of this world.

So if you like your horror with a little bit of T&A or if you like your T&A with a little bit of horror this will be for you. The DVD is currently available in stores so if you can't wait til October 13th you can check it out that way.

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