Scream 4 Moving Ahead


Remember when Wes Craven had dinner with Neve Campbell and was trying to put together a Scream 4? You dont heres a requote from an earlier news item, We said, quote:

"I had a lunch with Neve [Campbell] where she told me Dimension Film offered her to reprise her role in Scream 4. I was totally surprised because nobody has ever mentioned such a project to me. But as far as I'm concerned, I don't think it would be a wise decision to do a 4th Scream. First because I think everything has already been told within the first three movies and I don't want to make the one more that would be the wrong one. And second because Dimension won't really be interested in contacting me right now just after the troubles we had on Cursed."

As much as I could care less for Scream  4 I am sure it has its fans and today the weinsteins announced it is coming. Quote:

Just in time for Halloween, we have some major horror movie news for fans of the popular Scream franchise. Scream 4 has been officially greenlit by the Weinstein Company, almost eight years after the last installment was released in theaters. No other details have been given out, other than the official announcement from the Weinsteins:

"The Scream franchise has become a cult classic. Together, all three movies have grossed over $300 million at the box office, just in the United States alone. The fans have been asking for a 4th Scream movie for years and we're finally giving it to them. As far as details go, we're only in the planning stages and we may not get around to it [Scream 4] for quite some time, but rest assured, it will happen."

Will the original cast be returning? "We've just entered the planning stages of Scream 4. There isn't even a script right now. Only time will tell."

Who knows whether Neve Campbell will be back or not but Scream 4 is definitely happening.

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