Dead End Days Interview Part 2

Well, I suppose it's my turn to TRY and remember what we talked to the Dead End Days guys about!  You have to remember folks, there were copious amounts of beer at the table so what I remember comes through in a vauge alcohol fumed haze! heh
I'll start off first by saying that the guys from Dead End Days are terrific.  They were all really nice and it was a great pleasure to meet Matt, Brad, Rob, Jay and Shane.  I'll admit that I was a bit nervous about doing an 'interview' but these guys are so laid back they made it real easy...or was it the beer?  Hmmm....oh well, nevermind!
Anyways, at my end of the table I spent a good portion talking to Brad and Rob Fox as well as Matt Hoos.  I was really surprised to hear that the vast majority of these guys originally came from Calgary, Alberta.  It seems that all their lives they've been connected in one way or another.  Some may call it fate, or others may call it bad luck (heh, just kidding guys), but in the end it turned out great as these guys finally got together to release one hell of a series.
On the Dead End Days topic, Brad, Rob, Jon and I all had some pretty hefty discussions about Zombies in particular.  What they wanted to stay away from, when using zombies in their show, was the stereotypical gore and violence aspect.  One thing they mentioned was as soon as you say the show is about zombies people have certain preconceptions about what the show is about.  What Brad and the boys have done is try to shy away from the typical view of a zombie, and look at more of the alegorical or metaphorical view of zombies: an easily malleable, suggestive race of humans.  I commend them for their efforts as I am one that, although I DO love the gore, I find zombies really interesting characters that have a lot of depth and potential to them.  This is the same feeling the guys at Dead End Days share and they have taken the idea of a 'zombie' to a whole new level.
Now one of the funnier things I learned while talking with these guys was the fact that Matt (the director) has (or had) little to no experience with the Internet.  He is the self-proclaimed most PC-illiterate guy on the entire crew.  When Brad initially approached Matt with the idea of a 'weekly Internet serial', Matt mentioned 'Great...whats the Internet?' all seriousness however, Matt doesn't seem to be the computer savvy one of the group.  But thats OK, we forgive him for it as his directorial skills more than make up for it!
As for influences for the series it seemed that, although Brad and Rob had a general love for movies, neither of them were particularly drawn to the zombie genre.  Now, our faithless readers will know that I myself am a huge fan of all that is gore/horror/zombie.  These guys though, are really more interested in the socio-political impacts of zombies.  And as for specific scene influence, they mentioned that there may be times when you watch a particular scene and say 'Wow, that really looks like ____" but there really was no intention or emphasis on using other movies ideas/influence in Dead End Days.  That, in my opinion, is very admirable as it is much easier to slip into rehashing others work instead of coming up with your own original spin on things.
Anyways, thats about the extent of what I can remember from our interview!  To finish off I'd like to extend my deepest thanks to the guys at Dead End Days for all their generosity and for taking the time to come out and meet us.  I really appreciated the opportunity and had an absolute riot with these guys.  Make sure you all do yourselves a favor and check out their series.  Their take on zombies may be a little different, but they've come up with some great stuff and it's really entertaining to watch!  Thanks to Brad, Matt, Rob, Jay and Shane and to all the other Dead End Days Cast/Staff that couldn't make it, it was fun!
On a site note, I was given the press kit for Dead End Days so I will be processing through that information and posting a news item on it fairly soon. Dead End Days is a free online series, so check it out
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