Zombies Invade Christmas


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood Gang have just optioned the rights to make Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's graphic novel The Last Christmas. This is the same shingle that also adapted Frank Miller's 300 so I know this project is in good hands. Currently they do not have anyone ready to adapt the novel into a screenplay.

The story follows Santa Claus as he withdraws from normal life and turns his back on Christmas. When he emerges from seclusion, he has to find a way to save the world, and Christmas, from being overrun by demons, zombies and other bad guys.

Its bout time they finally did something new with zombies! The fact that I have never seen a movie where zombies are tied to a holiday is odd. It just seems so obvious but I guess thats why no one has done it til now. Keep it here for more because this one sounds like a lot of fun.

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