House of Re-Animator No Go?


For quite some time Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs have been talking about House of Re-Animator. Today Sci Fi Wire caught up with Combs and he seems really skeptical that the film will ever be made.

"The latest idea is too on the nose, because it's about a vice president who has a heart attack and dies, which is terrible, because he runs the country, and a kind of Karl Rove-ian character brings Herbert to the White House to revive him. All is well for a little while, and then, of course, havoc has its day. A lot of people they took the idea to didn't want to touch it. And, of course, the real power in it would be to get it out before they are out of power."

Despite the fact that he was really down on the idea he does leave us with a little bit of hope that at one point the project still has a chance to get off the ground, "But Stuart is rather tenacious, so he may still get his way someday."

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