Dead and Breakfast Movie Review by Jordan

One of the REALLY big highlights of the festival for myself (besides the Dead End Days interview) was the screening of the upcoming indie zombie movie, Dead and Breakfast. This was one hell of a great movie and I spent a good portion of it laughing myself stupid! Lets take a look at the movie shall we? I'm sure you've already read some info on the movie on our site already (you can check out the movie page for Dead and Breakfast by clicking HERE!) but I'll start with a general synopsis of the film.

The film follows a group of friends who are headed to a wedding. They stop in a small hick town called Lovelock and, with the help of some unsavory locals, find their way to a Bed and Breakfast owned and run by Mr. Wise (David Carradine). Anyways they check in and the movie begins it's decent into hilarity and gore! One of the funnier characters right in the beginning is the French chef 'Henri' (Diedrich Bader) who, although he has a very small role, has some of the funniest lines in the entire flick. As the friends relax for the evening, Sara (Ever Carradine) learns a bit about Mr. Wise and his mysticism. There is a small wooden box that apparently brings 'great power' to those who protect it, but great horror to those who may open the box.

As the evening progresses, David (Erik Palladino) wakes up in the living room from his drunken stupor and heads the fridge for some pie. He sits down and as he is eating has his girlfriend Kate (Bianca Lawson) walk in on him. She flicks on a light and begins screaming for some reason. Well David turns around and sees 'someone' in the corner cut up, bloodied and with a knife sticking out of his throat. Mr. Wise, on the other hand, has a sudden heart attack at the same time the body is discovered and the Sheriff (Jeffery Dean Morgan) is called in the next day. The Sheriff, not quite believing the friends story, confiscates their RV keys and brings a few of them down to the station for questioning.

The friends all go their separate ways for the day, while Sara and Christian (Jeremy Sisto) answer all the Sheriffs questions. Kate, David and Melody (Gina Philips) find a local bar (which is built into a barn) and they make it just in time for the how down. As they all have themselves a great time at the hoedown, Johnny (Oz Perkins) heads back to the B&B and has to get back into the house (which is locked up tight thanks to the Sheriff). He climbs a ladder into Mr. Wise's room and accidentally opens the small wooden box that they've been warned not to open. This is where the fun REALLY begins! Johnny, who is now possessed by some sort of demon spirit, heads straight on down to the bar and the carnage ensues as the group of friends (which begins to get smaller and smaller) try to fend off the town's newest 'residents'.

One of the best things I enjoyed about this movie was the musical interludes. At several key scenes the action will fade into a comic book-style frame and then we get a short guitar solo from Randall Keith Randall (Zach Selwyn) about the movie. It reminded me a lot of 'Something About Mary' where they have the two guys in the tree playing the music and such. It was a very effective way of breaking up the action of the movie and moving on to another scene instead of your standard fade-out/fade-in's. Speaking of the music, it was absolutely awesome! Some of the songs were a little weak but for the most part they were just as funny as the jokes in the movie! If you want proof just check out the 'Chainsaw scene' and the scene with all the zombies waiting outside the house!

On the gore side of things I don't think I've seen so much blood flying around since Evil Dead II! There was just buckets of blood flying around everywhere and no holds barred when it came to the slaying of the zombies. For proof of this, one just has to watch the home-made shotguns, hammers, knives and CHAINSAW in use! There is one scene in particular where a zombie gets a Chainsaw stuck in his neck and blood is absolutely SOAKING one of actors of the movie, I don't think I laughed so hard in a long long time! The gore, however, was done well and wasn't either too much or too little...they used it just right and it came off as very well done.

One thing about the movie is the creatures are not zombies in the typical sense. They can run, they talk and they can even dance! But even a die-hard Romero zombie purist like myself could look past that very minor thing and enjoy the movie. All in all I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time. This was an excellent movie and a great addition to the horror/zombie genre! I'm DEFINITELY buying this movie once it is release and I would suggest you all do to!

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