Superman is Dylan Dog


Dylan Dog has been quite a useful graphic novel in horror cinema. I'm sure you are all familiar with Cemetery Man directed by Michele Soavi. The main character of the book was played by Rupert Evert and was one of the most desired DVD's for quite some time. Now it looks like Arclight Studios will be making their own film based on the graphic novel.

Comic Book Resources is reporting that Brandon Routh (Superman) will play Dylan Dog in the film Dead of Night. The graphic novel is really just the story of a man and his dog fighting against supernatural evil. On board to direct is the one and only David R. Ellis. He is known for directing Snakes On A Plane and Final Destination 2.

Arclight Studios is putting up $35 million for the budget and it is expected to begin shooting in Connecticut. This should be an interesting ride. For some reason I have a really strong feeling that this film is going to be a lot like Constantine. We'll have to wait and see.

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