Hobo On The Grindhouse DVD


Before Grindhouse was released in cinemas there was a contest to make the best grindhouse trailer you possibly could. The best trailers were then shown at the SXSW Film Festival. Well the winner of that contest was the immensely popular and fantastic Hobo with a Shotgun. The trailer went on to be shown in front of Grindhouse all throughout Canada and in some select theaters in the U.S.

Now the official website is reporting that they have signed a deal to include that trailer in the special Grindhouse Box Set! The bad news to come out of all of this is that according to them the set will not come out until next year. On the other hand they have said that the first draft of the Hobo With A Shotgun feature has been completed.

So we have quite a bit to look forward to. Personally I think Hobo With A Shotgun could triumph where Grindhouse did not. These guys are making a film the way REAL grindhouse films were made. No big studios deal, no huge budget, no giant stars, just balls to the wall, no excuses mayhem. Keep it here for more.

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