Superman and Batman Begins casting rumors

First of all it appears that Tom Welling appearing as Clark Kent was a rumor. Moviehole talked to Wellings agent and they knew nothing about it. He will also not be playing Superman, well at least not in the movie. Jeph Loeb says they have planned threw season 6 of Smallville.

Now onto the big news everyone has been waiting to hear. Mark Millar the comic book scribe has an official posting on his website about who will be the next man of steel.

"You remember I told you to relax about Superman? That a very, very trusted and experienced director we'd all love was coming over? That McG was just a blip? That everything would be fine? Well, my same good buddy has informed me that, as of last Thursday night, Mister Jim Caviezel is officially the new man of steel and what a perfect choice he is. Expect an announcement shortly. Also, this Superman Returns thing was just for the press release. The movie itself is called SUPERMAN (Reeve's was called SUPERMAN THE MOVIE) and it's starting everything from scratch. Brainiac. Krypton. Robots. Alien super-cities."

Source: Moviehole


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