28 Weeks Later for 99cents


BitTorrent has made a special offer for our readers. A very hot special offer. You can get 28 Weeks later for a whopping 99cents. Normally $14.99 our readers can get it for 99cents for a limited time. Go here to take advantage of the offer and save $14. The offer is valid until Oct 16th and is one sweet sweet deal!

I just picked up 28 Weeks Later and all I can say is WOW! We have a hit on our hands boys and girls. I didnt see it in theatres since I have been to damn busy running this site but 28 Weeks Later is one of the best zombie films I have seen in long while. I am a big fan of 28 Days Later and the sequel didnt let me down one bit! 

With so many big budget horror movies being made and lame remakes what a breath of fresh air to watch a sequel that relied on witty writing and great acting and not a big name or a 'produced by' slogan. 28 Weeks Later I am willing to say is as good if not better then the original! Just checkout some of the reader reviews below to decide for yourself.

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