After Dark Horrorfest Trailer


We just added the trailer for the 2007 After Dark Horrorfest courtesy of the fine folks at AfterDark. A quick trip to the official website for the After Dark Horrorfest reveals that Unearthed will be the fifth film added to the madness. Unearthed takes place after a sinister crash on the highway of a small New Mexican town. Nature begins dying following the disappearance of several people. The investigating Sheriff stumbles across a killer creature and realizes that the it is the reason for the disappearances and deaths. After surviving an attack, he and others try to fend off the creatures and save the town.

Also playing will be Frontieres, Frontiere(s) takes place when an extreme right-wing candidate advances to the second ballot of the presidential election, a group of young armed robbers holes up in a backwoods inn. The inn is located in an old mining wasteland, and its managers are a particularly sordid lot of neo-Nazi cannibals. You can check out Tim's review here.

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