Evil Dead Ultimate DVD Edition Art


Just a few days ago we learned the special features of a brand new, 3Disc edition of Sam Raimi's classic horror film The Evil Dead. Needless to say, this makes me very excited as I have held off buying the DVD for a long time hoping there will be a bigger and final edition of Evil Dead...looks like patience has paid off.

But, things just keep getting better. We just got the DVD art straight from the craftsmen over at Anchor Bay. For what could have been a simple photoshop job on a classic (which seem to be all the rage, bring back actual artwork for posters and DVDs!) it is instead the original poster design. With...with wrinkles and tears included.

Check out The Evil Dead DVD artwork below.

The Evil Dead 3Disc Ultimate Edition hits stores on December 18 for a suggested retail price of $34.97.

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