SAW V Begins to Rumble

About a month or so ago I reported that Lionsgate had already announced a SAW V and SAW VI, each to be helmed by production designer David Hackl, who was the designer for the three sequels. Before Bousman returned to helm part IV Hackl was also apparently going to be directing that, instead Hackl was 2nd Unit Director on III & IV.

We were able to talk to Hackl about SAW V and currently he is working on script ideas with writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (who penned Feast and SAW IV) and if all goes according to plan and SAW IV is the hit they all expect (considering part three is the most expensive at a meager $10million), they'll be before cameras early 2008 with an October 2008 release as usual.

Personally, I think Lionsgate should really stop with the SAW sequels, or at the very least space them out a bit more. Making one film in the same series really isn't a smart move as you really don't have much time to work out the kinks in the script and coming out with a sequel each year gets a bit annoying. Two, three years is a good spacing between sequels as you have time to perfect the script as well as people will be looking forward to it more than just "okay, its 2008, just gotta wait for October for SAW V is come out." I mean, all the sequels for such classics (I can bet easy money SAW will go down as a classic in our genre) A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Hellraiser all came out over a period of twenty years or so, not one every year.

Plus, there's only so far you can continue a story before it begins to remake the original.

I was originally thinking that SAW IV would tank as most of the R rated films coming out this year haven't lite up the box office, but with the success of Rob Zombie's Halloween, I think that might change.

SAW IV is due out on October 26 and if all goes well, SAW V is due out October 2008.
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