SAW Franchise is not Torture Porn!


Don't ever let the minds behind the SAW franchise hear you call their movies Torture Porn. He might rip your balls off and throw you into a trap! Today at the SAW 4 Press Conference the folks from Twisted Pictures made it very clear that the SAW Franchise is not mindless blood and gore, aka Torture Porn as its dubbed by the REAL journalists. You know everyone other then us low life horror writers who get off on it.

The fine folks from Twisted Pictures didnt just preach to us that its not Torture Porn but backed it up nicely. Enough that I full heartedly agreed. Oren Koules co owner of Twisted Pictures explained that in making the films they sit down and put the films together do not focus on gore for the sake of gore and they made that plenty clear. They make the point that their films are not Torture Porn with one simple and undeniable fact. If you take the gore and the guts out of the SAW movies you still have an intricate story.  Frankly I have a hard time disputing this fact.

It could be done PG13 if it was needed, it could probly be done G-Rated all Disney style. The fact that they throw in all the gritty, bloody details doesnt make it Torture Porn. Torture Porn by definition of the folks at Twisted Pictures is mindless bloody films which when you take out the mindless gore, you got jack! I once again agree!

What do you think? Is the SAW franchise Torture Porn? Or do you see the logic and agree that in fact SAW is graphic but if you set aside the gore and gruesome imagery its still a great film and far from mindless gore for the sake of gore. SAW 4 opens soon ( my review is coming soon ) and the franchise will once again have life and hopefully a great box office turn over.

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